Dolphins and Wolves

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a guided tour of our inter-coastal waterways and it was a fun and educational experience. During this cruise of the IC waterways, our guide entertained and enlightened us about the ecology and biology of the area. We learned many interesting facts and figures as they relate to nature and marine biology. Plankton (who knew there were so many types) and how they influence the colors of the sea and IC waterways. All was delightful until…Fast forward to our education on the Bottle Nose Dolphin. Our guide, we’ll call him Bob, explains why a dolphin is a mammal and not a fish, most folks with a HS education would recall some of this knowledge from their formative years, and probably known this bit. But then Bob goes on to explain that dolphins are the -only- mammals that were once wolves, because well, they simply walked into the sea at some point on their evolutionary journey. He explains (supports), this (pseudo-fact) by saying that the dolphin fin was actually at one point in time a wrist, and essentially had the same or similar bone structure and anatomy as a wolf paw and wrist joint. Everybody’s head is nodding up and down in affirmation. Yeah, yeah, that’s right, wolves turned to swimming for their dinner Bob. “Yes Bob. Yes Bob,” we all chanted.

Pardon the interruption here, but did he just say wolves walked into the sea and are now Bottle Nose Dolphins? The lovable, playful, creatures we watched approach our boat and put on an amazing show for us?

Now, I have more than a third grade education, so I need to ask myself why a perfectly content, land-going mammal, is gonna over ten’s of thousands of years forego all of it’s evolutionary development and then do a 180┬░about-face and start exchanging one habitat for and entirely different one.

You see, like all evolutionary “theories”, we weren’t there millions of years ago, and though we love to hypothesize, we can’t possibly assume this as fact. Let’s not ignore the actual fact, that as we live and breathe, right now, there are dolphins in the sea and wolves still roaming the land today. Right? This is factual. So, not unlike human evolutionary “theory”, Bob says only some wolves made the evolutionary jump to dolphins? And only some primates, made the same evolutionary transformation? I won’t get into various methods of carbon dating, or fossils of human bones & skulls, because that would just send most of you into a tizzy fit. Let’s end with this…

My friends, I propose to you that if these theories are to be supported and believed in full, then there had better be half primates/humans, and half wolves/dolphins, or whatever, around somewhere for us to document. You can’t tell me that nature will only evolve for some of a particular species, and not the rest. It doesn’t fly in the face of verifiable facts.

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